Our policies are based on the following essential principles:

Visit our web page and you will find information on our products and services, access statistical reports or corporate data and other general information without the need to provide us with your own personal details.

If you do provide us with personal information, ESTUDIO CARVALLO ABOGADOS LIMITADA. will protect this data and not reveal it to third parties unless we have been notified accordingly beforehand by you or received your authorization to do so or we are required by law to reveal it.

Our systems contain programs devoted to protecting the confidentiality of the information found in them and procedures have been put in place devoted to keeping that so. We permanently conduct reviews of our systems, procedures and mechanisms of control so as to reduce the risks of any unauthorized access to them.

ESTUDIO CARVALLO ABOGADOS LIMITADA. will comply with all legal regulations concerning the protection of personal data as well as whatever regulatory provisions cover this matter.

ESTUDIO CARVALLO ABOGADOS LIMITADA. will exhibit on its Internet site those seals of the entities that establish privacy and/or security regulation standards to which it belongs.

General Provisions

1. ESTUDIO CARVALLO ABOGADOS LIMITADA. reserves the right to unilaterally modify at any time and without prior notification, the presentation and configuration of its sites, as well as any services or conditions required for their use.

2. Users of ESTUDIO CARVALLO ABOGADOS LIMITADA.’s sites and its services must make use of them diligently in accordance with the law, these policies, decency and good customs. Users shall abstain from using them for any illicit or injurious purposes that are aimed at impairing the rights and interests of ESTUDIO CARVALLO ABOGADOS LIMITADA. or any third parties or which, in any other way, could damage, misuse, overload or deteriorate them or prevent them from being used by others.

3. In ESTUDIO CARVALLO ABOGADOS LIMITADA.’s sites, connections may be made to other web sites operated by other persons or companies, so ESTUDIO CARVALLO ABOGADOS LIMITADA. will not be liable for any information found in them or the security or privacy policies implemented in them.

4. All rights, including Intellectual Copyright, regarding ESTUDIO CARVALLO ABOGADOS LIMITADA. ‘s sites and its pages belong to this Company.

5. Access to ESTUDIO CARVALLO ABOGADOS LIMITADA.’s sites is free of charge and there is no necessity to subscribe to them or be registered on them.

6. When dealing with services that require prior subscription or registration, users shall select, use, converse and care for their user names and passwords, and they shall abstain from using injurious words or expressions that coincide with any registered commercial trade names or brands, names or pseudonyms they are not authorized to use or, generally speaking, those contrary to decency and good customs. Assigning passwords is done secretly and automatically.

7. Use and custody of the access password is the user’s exclusive responsibility and he/she shall not allow any third parties to gain access to them. Users shall immediately notify ESTUDIO CARVALLO ABOGADOS LIMITADA. of any loss or theft of the access password, as well as any risk of access thereto by a third party. ESTUDIO CARVALLO ABOGADOS LIMITADA. may suspend or revoke any access passwords if they are misused on its sites or it suspects they are being misused or compromising the technological security or for any other reason.

8. ESTUDIO CARVALLO ABOGADOS LIMITADA., at any time, may suspend or eliminate its sites or the services rendered over them.

ESTUDIO CARVALLO ABOGADOS LIMITADA. uses “cookie” technology whenever a user navigates through its sites and web pages. Cookies are associated only with an anonymous user and his/her computer and they do not provide any references that lead to the user’s name or any other data being revealed or deduced. We use cookies for administrative purposes such as recognizing users already registered so that they do not have to register again, for diagnosing problems between servers, in order to identify electronic operations or storing preferences of a given type of information.

8. Estudio Carvallo Ltda. shall be able, at any time, to suspend or eliminate its web sites or services.

9. Estudio Carvallo Ltda. makes use of “cookies” when a user visits its web sites. Said “cookies” are associated to an anonymous user and his computer and provide no information in respect of the user name and data. We use “cookies” for administrative purposes such as recognizing users already registered so that they do not have to register again; to detect problems between servers; to identify electronic operations or to store preferences on specific data.